Our private elementary school classroom and Montessori academic program is rooted in respect for the mind of the rapidly developing child.

My daughter currently goes to NEMS at the Toddler House. They give daily reports of how she did, and she's always coming home with projects. She absolutely loves going to school, makes lots of friends, and has shown so much progress in speech, confidence, and creativity.
Our children love attending NEMS. We have a 3 year old son in the preschool and a 1 year old daughter in the toddler house.The staff here go above and beyond to take care of your children and foster their unique needs/learning style.We absolutely have loved our time there. Thank you NEMS!
We are still relatively new to NEMS but so far impressed with their preschool program. They are very flexible and easy to work with and the tuition is reasonable as opposed to some other Montessori programs. We love that our daughter gets a full hour outdoors to play or in a big gym if it’s bad weather and so far she is loving it!
Best school in ManchesterOur son went to that’s school teachers are amazing he learn so much from it his teacher Miss Karen (shout out to her ) she is Amazing we are so thankful for the school help him with his school year he learn a lot from it thanks y’all
Both of our kids went through lower elementary here. They adore their teachers and have enjoyed school.
My daughter absolutely loves going to school here. She started at 18 months old and is almost 2.5 years old now. She is so excited when we drop her off. Yesterday, as I was getting her out of the car, a few teachers from another classroom were calling her name and saying "hi" while we walked in. She was so excited. It's nice knowing the teachers of the other classrooms know the other students well, as well.Last week they hosted a mother's day event and it was really nice to see her classmates and interact with them with her, as these are her friends! All the kids were so happy to see us visiting.We also get a few update emails a month of their specific classroom with photos of the children doing activities, along with a monthly newsletter reviewing what they worked on last month and what they're working on this month.Lastly, my daughter adores her teachers. I always ask her in the morning as were getting ready "are you ready to go see (teachers names)" and she lights up! Sending your child to school for the first time can be scary, but I know she's in great hands and loves it there!
We love it here! My toddler looks forward to going, comes home with projects almost every day and is always happy when I pick him up too!
I have 2 children enrolled here and it has been the BEST experience. Both have thrived and really enjoy the community.
My daughter has had a wonderful preschool experience. It is very apparent that the teachers and staff at NEMS really care about the children. I have no doubt that my child is well prepared academically and socially for kindergarten next year because of all she has gained at NEMS!
We have been here for 2 years now and we absolutely love NEMS! Communication has been great throughout Covid , even under extraordinary circumstances. Our child has flourished there with the Montessori method and we love all of the staff and teachers! I cannot recommend this school enough!
Every teacher and assistant we have had for both of our children have taken care of them as their own. They have worked to not only teach them academically, but socially as well. The Montessori way. I am so glad our focus at home of kindness and how to be a strong member of the community, is reinforced everyday at school from a very young age. The communication is also impeccable. 10/10 for NEMS.
We have had only positive experiences here since our daughter started attending a year ago. She is in the preschool class where she has had exposure to learning and playing with kids older than her, has developed a lot in her motor skills and language skills, and has had the chance to build positive relationships with her classmates. Her teachers and the school administration have been very supportive in transitioning from part-time to full-time as well as all of the covid related measures. I was nervous at first about her attending school 5 days a week at 3 years old and being able to afford it, but I have no regrets because I see how much she enjoys it and is growing.
My daughter has been attending North End Montessori School 3 years and she has flourished so much since then. The staff there are thoughtful and caring with effective teaching styles unlike those of some public school programs in Manchester. The effective teaching styles and nurturing environment of the NEMS is unmatched. Thank the faculty & staff for all you do!
We have been very happy with our child’s education and care at North End Montessori. Ms. Ngo is an excellent preschool teacher and we are so lucky she’s our child’s teacher. She’s so kind and nurturing, and has helped our child learn and grow so much! North End Montessori was the right choice for us.
I have had children enrolled at this private Montessori school since shortly after it first opened, & my family continues to have such positive experiences. I highly recommend choosing this school for toddler/preschool children, & students can continue their Montessori education here up until third grade.For many reasons, I chose this school: centrally located in Manchester, emergency/safety protocols, clean/organized classrooms, & educated/professional staff providing daily routines/structure. The cost of tuition is fair for the area. The school offers both before/after care in addition to traditional school hours, & there is flexibility in choosing only part-time care if needed.My sons have attended this school since they were just 1 1/2 years old. They started in a toddler classroom, which was well-staffed. The toddler rooms have such popularity/need, that the school has expanded, and provides a "toddler house" across the street, which has its own playground. The teachers are attentive and have great communication with the parents. In a toddler room, parents are provided daily reports of how their child's day went, in addition to noting any special activities or requests.My sons continued to attend through their preschool years (3-6) and thrive in this environment. The younger students learn so much from the older students, & the teachers do a superb job of leading the classrooms. Looking at a classroom, a parent may think it looks "plain" or "boring," but my children can reassure you that there are plenty of activities, all which enable them to learn life skills & most importantly, the students enjoy them!My children take pride in their "work" that they do at this school. They get the recognition and support they need, but are not overwhelmed! Classroom lessons are only a small portion of the day, and the children have lots of opportunity to spend socializing with friends and getting physical activity. There are also a lot of special family events that the school hosts- Mother's day teas, Halloween parades, and Valentine dances to be a few of my favorites.Wendy Hayes, the school's primary contact/director is very knowledgeable and organized with the school's day to day function. She is timely with any concerns that may arise with a student. During Covid-19, she was able to keep the school open/running, which was highly essential for working parents, like us, and she ensured safety & cleaning protocols were adhered to appropriately.Prior to Covid-19, staff/teachers were employed there for a long duration; not a high turnover rate which is helpful for students to bond with their teachers. My children have developed exceptional relationships with their teachers at this school, & we will strive to maintain them as they grow older, and leave the school.Mrs Tam Ngo, the lead preschool teacher for both my children, and her assistant, "Mrs. M" as my kids call her, are exceptional teachers and mentors. Mrs. Ngo enabled my children to build confidence and develop good relations with their peers. She provides a lot of opportunity for the students to learn things in which they are interested in. Mrs. M also has a kind, caring attitude, and my boys find her comforting and supportive. These teachers are very passionate in seeing their students succeed. They have shown pride in my students, sharing stories of good behavior, exceptional moments, and new achievements. ALL of NEMS's teachers, especially Mrs. Ngo & Mrs. M, are truly invested in helping your children succeed not only as great students but as great people. Education at NEMS has been an exceptional opportunity for my children, and I couldn't be more impressed, grateful, & thankful for all the support the staff has provided to my children and my family as a whole.An educational experience at North End Montessori School is unlike any other; I am saddened to say that my children are finishing their time at this school. However, they will continue to thrive in a Montessori education, as we have come to appreciate as a young family!
North End Montessori is a wonderfuland nurturing preschool environment. All three of my children have benefited from the Montessori method and have loved their incredible teachers who instilled in them a love of learning at an early age.
My daughter has been going to North End Montessori School for over a year now. I have not enough positive words to describe how fantastic this school is. Not only do the teachers have decades of experience teaching small children, but the curriculum is well balanced and structured. They work to support the child as a "whole": academically, socially, physically, and artistically.My daughter has really started to blossom. I love how excited she is to tell me all about her favorite things she learned during the day. Th teachers are kind, but firm and I appreciate the individual instruction style, where students learn skills at their own pace under a watchful eye. I am very happy that we chose to send my daughter to North End Montessori.
Excellent school. My son and my daughter have been going to this establishment for 4 years (preschool, kindergarten and primary class). Every morning they are happy to go to school. They grow up with respect for others and the pleasure of learning.
North End Montessori School is such an amazing school! Our son has thrived here. His teachers are so loving and caring! He has receive a solid stepping stone in education here and will thrive in Kindergarten because of the exceptional skills and education he learned at NEM!
My daughter has been at NEMS for 4 years and we hope to keep her there till she ages out. She loves the class and never wants to leave. We love the Montessori method and they execute it with so much detail. The diversity in the class is wonderful and we appreciate they teach about everyone’s culture.They handled the pandemic with care and grace. I never felt unsafe when she was in the classroom.
My daughter attends the toddler program in Toddler house. Every morning she is excited to go to school and she frequently returns with art work from her day. Her teachers communicates well and we really enjoy the pictures and monthly communication through email. She is learning a lot and the school is working well with her potty training and independence. We look forward to watching her grow into the preschool program. We fully recommend the program!
The Toddler House staff are amazing! It’s truly wonderful that I’m able to drop off my daughter each day Monday through Friday, knowing she will be cared for, nurtured, and loved on by the amazing staff. I appreciate how thoughtful each person is and how attentive they are. Each day I hear tidbits from staff about how my daughter did this or that or how she was emotionally, and I appreciate it. It’s like a little window into her world. Thank you for all you do!
My daughter did great at this school and all the teachers were very caring. It really set her up for a great start to her education.
The teachers and staff member at North End Montessori School are amazing. Wendy is an excellent director very happy that my family was a part of this community. They truly care about the students strive in their educational needs as well as the students overall well-being. Everyone there is very dearly appreciated. Thank you for your service.
We are very thankful for NEM teachers and staff for the care and safe environment they have provided to our son, Mahir.With CoVID around, the school was open and constantly updated us on any new cases and precautions to be taken! Our son is very comfortable with his teachers and friends and looks forward to going to school! His teachers occasionally sends us notes on his progress and we are thrilled to see his class work at the end of each week. Mahir loves the lessons and activities in his class.We are hoping to send our daughter to NEM as well when she is eligible :)
My daughter was enrolled for two years at North End Montessori School, from ages 3-5. Her enrollment started in 2019 before Coronavirus and continued until last month when she started Kindergarten at our public school.I highly recommend NEMS to any preschool parent. The school is bright, calming, clean and safe. The facility is excellent and much nicer then any other preschool we looked at. Pre-covid they offered a variety of extracurricular classes and activities, I'm sure they will return.My wife and I interacted frequently with the director and never had a complaint. She always answered quickly and thoroughly. I was especially impressed during the early part of COVID with how thoughtful she and the school were in communicating their status and plans.Someone else left a review saying "(the school was) looking for profit over well being...", I have to disagree strongly. The school closed for about 6 weeks during the spring 2020 lockdown - I offered to continue to pay tuition even while my daughter could not attend, to make sure the staff at NEMS themselves would still be paid even while their workplace was closed. The director turned my offer down, explaining the school was getting federal COVID aid, and my generosity was not necessary. That plus two years of other positive interactions makes me wonder what gave that other parent such a negative impression.Finally, during our last parent-teacher conference, my daughter's teacher was quite honest about how my daughter's learning style would probably benefit more from a traditional structured curriculum going forward, as she was choosing to avoid subjects she did not enjoy and was therefore not advancing in them as quickly as she could. A school which puts profits above the children would not recommend a child unenroll to switch to public school over their own Kindergarten!Thank you to everyone at NEMS for the care and education you provided my child over the past two years, the Hansen family deeply appreciates it.
My son has been going to North End Montessori for almost a year. What a fantastic school! The staff is friendly, always willing to help, knowledgeable at what they do and care deeply for the children in their care. Highly recommend!
My child has been enrolled in this wonderful school for 2 years and I have to say it's been the BEST DECISION we ever made for her. Everything about the school has been exceptional, from the amazing staff (both teaching and administrative) to the curriculum and even the physical space has just been great. She came in for Pre-K and Kindergarten and our only regret was not enrolling her sooner. I looked through some of these negative reviews and they just couldn't be further from the reality. Any parent with a child under 6 should understand that children at that age range are easily excitable and at any given moment can yell and scream and do all the unpredictable things that we, as adults, wish they never did. So the fact that the negative reviews are those who were touring and somehow believe their 10 minute experience is how it always is, is just, interesting... If you are considering this school, please recognize that all the reviews from actual parents of this school are overwhelmingly positive, because that has been the overall long term experience. For us, it certainly was, because this school has foster a passion for learning, curiosity, community and kindness in my daughter that I never imagined a school could. Coming home from school each day, my child is always excited to tell us about what she's learned and she is ALWAYS looking forward to school. For us, that is the true measure of success. Thank you North End Montessori for all the positive contributions you've made for our family!
We have been beyond impressed and pleased with the attention and curriculum provided by North End Montessori School since we enrolled her at 18 months old. She has confidence, intelligence and manners that have been fostered at the NEMS environment and we are eager to see how she blossoms throughout her years at North End! Now that she is almost 3 years old, we are so happy she has attended NEMS and look forward to enrolling our other child!
My daughter started at Northend almost 3 years ago! Starting in the toddler room we had an amazing experience with the teachers and facility, making it an easy decision for continuing into pre-k! My daughter started to love going to school each day actually looking forward too it! The past 2 years in pre-k and kindergarten she has excelled in so many different ways. Mrs. Botto and Mrs. Hatch have been absolutely fantastic with my daughter. She's become more of an independent, creative, caring, and passionate about herself and her school work. She has made many great friends and loves all the special celebrations the school does! (Mothers/fathers day, grandparents and friendship day, the valentine's day dance and so many more).We are so blessed to have been able to be apart of the Montessori community and couldn't have done any of it without Mrs. Hayes and the rest of the Northend staff! Words cant describe how thankful we are for all that everyone has done for us over the past 3 year's, it hasn't always been easy, but you all helped make it work for our family! We will miss you all so so much!!💕💕💕💕Sincerely,Katlyn Lemay and Jason Miller
Our family absolutely loves North End Montessori School. I have three children, all of them so different from one another, and all of them have thrived at North End.My eldest is studious and mature for her age --she was always challenged and fully supported in working autonomously to go above and beyond with whatever she was passionately learning about. Her learning experience at N.E.M.S. was made so much more dynamic by the mixed-age classrooms. Feeling like a leader among children in her classroom has had a lasting impact on her as a student. We were so sad when she aged out of N.E.M.S. and had to move on.My son is gifted athletically, but needed extra help with some things in the classroom for a stretch. His teachers at N.E.M.S. didn't balk at his energy and sometimes distracted nature, but instead identified his individual learning needs and worked with me to make a classroom and at-home plan for supporting him. He also greatly benefited from the Montessori methodology and the overall culture in his classrooms at N.E.M.S. Next year, he's on to fourth grade(!) and is completely caught up in reading and math. N.E.M.S. was a really great foundation for him.My third child is an energetic and social student, but also a very curious learner and dedicated to being a part of her classroom team. To have teachers as enthusiastic about being in the classroom as she is is important to her, and she's(we've) never been let down in that regard while at N.E.M.S.Ms. Botto and Ms. Marwaha are tied for best teacher any of my kiddos have ever had. If you have the chance to get your kids in a classroom with either of them, jump on the opportunity! But really, everyone we've ever dealt with here from the classroom to the office is fantastic.Since my eldest aged out and we had to look at other options for schooling, we have become aware of just how spoiled we were by our learning community at N.E.M.S. These people are professionals, the building is an amazing place to learn, and I found the families of other students there to be of high caliber. It has always struck me, while there for classroom parties (Mother's Day Tea, Holiday Parties, Theatrical Productions, etc) that there are a lot of engaged, lovely parents in this learning community. I really think it shows on the playground, in the day-to-day classroom vibe, and in the friendships my children have made with other N.E.M.S. kids.Go for a tour and get on the waiting list. This school is a great place for families looking for a true Montessori experience. My only complaint is that they stop at third grade. I'd give anything to have all three of my kids spend all of their elementary years at this school.
We love this school! My daughter is four and has been there since she was 1.75 years old. The Montessori style education is very self directed and my daughter loves it. They go outside a ton and have a huge gym if it's not nice out. They have a ton of extra curricular activities like soccer, science and art so you can do that at school and not have to run around crazy on weekends and evenings.
Our children have been attending NEMS for about a year. The experience has been excellent in the toddler, pre-school, and kindergarten classrooms. We love the teachers and the Montessori education model. Our little ones are thriving here. We could not be more appreciative of the environment and the hard work of the teachers, staff and director.
Our son started here at 2.9yrs and has flourished. Staff is caring, consistent, and professional. Campus is historic, updated, clean, and excellent outdoor play space. Administration/leadership are approachable and easy to get a hold of. Cannot say enough good things, already have our second little one on the wait list!
Three weeks in, and I'm so impressed with the results so far. Great staff, passionate owner, wonderful facility.
Great rates, great staff, and my son loves it here.
Great teachers and a wonderful facility.

Our Elementary School Classroom

North End Montessori School’s private elementary school campus in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire currently includes first through fourth grade education for children.

Montessori Math Skills

Each academic program incorporates innovative teaching practices that honor the developing mind of each individual child.  Our teachers facilitate child-directed activities with Montessori methods that emphasize reading, writing, grammar, geography, culture, science, physical education, art, music, mathematics and technology.

Our learning campus currently hosts a student body ranging from toddler childcare programs to students in grades one through four.

Class sizes are typically less than 24 students with two teachers, which is a ratio of one teacher per twelve students.

Our Innovative Teaching Practices

Montessori School Classroom

North End Montessori School inspires many educators to study the Montessori method in an effort to get their credentialing.  Our school’s multi-aged teachers include a wide range of school administrators, lead teachers plus interns.  Many of our teacher assistants are so enthusiastic about Montessori training methods that they pursue further training and earn Montessori certification.

Our school is also proud to be a designated host site for Child Care Aware of America (CCA).  We regularly provide professional development workshops and continuing education to early childhood educators and members of the NH Montessori Association when they host trainings on our campus.

Our Unique Education Plans and Supportive Materials

Our spacious classrooms are impeccably clean and thoughtfully organized to support school programs. Specialized Montessori materials are part of our prepared environment that supports 21st century skills at each critical stage of child development.

Our indirect and direct teaching methods and supportive materials are designed to keep learning activities engaging and lively, to instill within each child a lifetime love of learning.  In addition to the core curriculum, we offer field trips, enrichment programs, and ski programs.

An Affordable Private School Montessori Education

Unlike other private schools, our straightforward and inclusive classroom tuition represents an unbeatable value.  Students benefit from our dedicated academic program and before and after school care.

Tuition: Elementary School Rates and Schedule

Our elementary school curriculum is certified by the State of New Hampshire Department of Education. Our well-rounded program empowers students to easily transition to traditional models of education.

During the academic year, elementary school students are required by the State of New Hampshire Department of Education to participate in a five day program.  Our elementary school rates and schedule are below:

5-Day Elementary School Program

Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. – $205/wk
Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. – $225/wk  (includes before & after care)

Parents will be notified in advance about expenses not covered by tuition with the option to participate. Additional expenses may include field trips, and enrichment programs directed by outside resources.  Families provide snacks and lunch for their student(s).

We encourage involvement of parents and welcome any classroom instruction questions or concerns. Please inquire about our flexible tuition programs and space availability.

Admissions & Enrollment Process

Montessori School Near You

North End Montessori School offers a streamlined admissions process and enrollment forms package.

We invite you to begin by contacting us to schedule a tour.  When you decide to enroll, please complete the enrollment forms.  Class sizes are limited due to the individual attention we provide, so early enrollment is encouraged.  School administrators will receive your forms and contact you.

Our Lower Elementary School Curriculum

Our lower elementary school curriculum for first through fourth grades incorporates the key elements below.  This overview is not a literal or complete scope and sequence of the full elementary curriculum.

We balance the daily activities of our robust curriculum with choice activities and group opportunities that promote the growth and wellbeing of each individual child.

Math & Geometry



Montessori Grammar Skills


History, Geography, and Physical Science

Montessori Schools Manchester, NH

FAQs about Elementary School at North End Montessori

Are enrichment programs offered at North End Montessori School?

Our well-rounded program for preschool through fourth grade also includes enrichment programs. Examples include culinary arts, fine arts, theater, music, horticulture, foreign language, animal care, field trips, and ski programs.

At what age do children enter Elementary School at North End Montessori School?

Children ages 6 years and up are eligible to enroll in North End Montessori School’s Elementary School. If your child is enrolled in our Preschool & Kindergarten Program, his or her teachers will discuss the best timing for this key transition in their youth development journey.

What is the student-teacher ratio at North End Montessori School?

There is a 12:1 student-teacher ratio for Elementary school at North End Montessori School.  Optimal teacher to child ratios help ensure individual attention and an inclusive classroom.

Is North End Montessori School a Fun School for Elementary Students?

North End Montessori School is considered a fun school, often more than traditional or public elementary schools! At North End Montessori School, students do not passively absorb knowledge from their teacher. Instead, they are encouraged to explore their world. The Montessori teacher’s role is to observe and provide guidance when appropriate and to intervene when the child is ready to move on to a higher level. Children play and enjoy physical education classes on spacious playgrounds at our learning community in downtown Manchester, NH. A variety of fun educational enrichment activities are also offered each season.

Do you have Emergency Situation Protocols and Emergency Response Plans?

Child safety is a major focus and priority at North End Montessori School. Our Emergency Response Plan keeps children safe as we follow local and state child safety requirements.  We practice mandated protocols such as fire drill evacuations, secure campus, and shelter in place procedures. As part of our education to children, we provide age-appropriate support to help them transition to and from safety drills.

How are Elementary School Classrooms at North End Montessori School Organized?

Our classrooms are multi-aged.  Student work individually, in small groups, and in teacher directed lessons. In each classroom, children work on different concepts at their level of ability.  Older students are encouraged to serve as role models and helpers for younger children, thereby creating opportunities to reinforce self-esteem, confidence and leadership.

Is North End Montessori School Licensed by the State of New Hampshire Department of Education?

North End Montessori School is licensed by the State of New Hampshire Department of Education. Our school is also a member school of the American Montessori Society (AMS).  Our Head teachers on our main campus are AMS certified. Professional development continues throughout the year for all staff through workshops and classes that support their professional growth. Our faculty also engages in training through active membership in educational organizations such as the American Montessori Society, the North American Montessori Teachers Association, The National Association for Education of Young Children, and the New Hampshire Montessori Association.