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    Bette Williams,

    We knew very early on in our child's life that the Montessori Method for both academic & developmental growth would be the best. Knowing that any school labeled "Montessori" would not be enough on it's own to trust that it would be satisfactory, we ventured to a few Montessori schools/Toddler programs to actively tour and learn about the programs in the greater southern New Hampshire area. It was such a wonderful blessing to have found North End Montessori School (NEMS)! The only disappointing experience was to find out just how popular the NEMS programs were- so much so, that our child was placed on a very lengthy waitlist (thankfully, our child was still a baby at that time!). We did not let this deter from our plan. Our child was able to enroll the following year. The wait was SO worth it! Now fast forward several years having completed many classroom "cycles" within NEMS, our child has thrived! NEMS has made such an impact on not only student, but upon our family as well. So impressed with the Lead and Assistant teachers (and ALL support staff) with whom our child has had the pleasure of learning, growing! The twice-yearly (Fall & Spring) Student Evaluations are quite comprehensive, covering all of these areas: Personal; Social/Emotional; Practical Life; Sensorial; Math; and Language. Communication with ALL of our child's Lead Teachers throughout the past several years has been excellent- especially appreciative for the very black and white constructive feedback/information along with equally practical/effective plan(s) to allow for successful change whenever it was needed. We have so many positive words to share about NEMS, and this review could go on and on! But to sum up so much of our experience in a final message: The Montessori approach to learning has been positively impactful. NEMS is also affordable, which we'd learned over the years that the founder designed it to be that way- in order to give a Montessori education "to all" who desire it. We just love that. It is truly evident that the teachers and staff with whom we've had the pleasure of working are very dedicated to our child's successful experience. The best choice we could have made! Many thanks to the Teachers, Support Staff at North End Montessori School!

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    If you are looking for a great school to bring your child to, then look no more.

    Barbara – Grandmother,

    The teachers and staff are very caring and nurturing to the children that attend their school. The atmosphere is clean and spacious. The work that is available to the children is fun and hands on to every age of children who attend. They listen to requests and give feedback when asked. I adopted my grandson, David, who is 4 yrs. old. He has certain learning strengths and weaknesses that needed to be handled on a day to day basis. His teachers always made sure that the communication was open whenever I needed them. Some schools you have to wait for Parent teacher conferences. I was lucky enough to be able to talk to David’s teacher daily if I chose to. They even went as far as sharing a notebook back and forth with me about David’s actions, good or bad, whenever I was concerned. Also, it was very evident that they cared because some of the responses were quite lengthy. To me that is: PRICELESS The tuition cost is no more than any other private school, Very affordable, especially with all that the school has to offer. The safety is of utmost importance to them as well. When Covid was at its highest, they made the right adjustments to minimize any outbreaks and were strict with their expectations of us, the parents, for the safey of all. Also: PRICELESS The most PRICELESS feeling for me though, was bringing David to school every morning and watching him stand there while Miss Wendy took his temperature on his forehead, right before he ran into the building to start his day. There were times when he almost forgot to say goodbye to "Granny"! Walking back to my truck, after seeing him run away into the school happy as can be, is by far, the most PRICELESS feeling that any parent or Granny could ask for!! There is so much more that I could say about The North End Montessori School. All in all, it's just a great school, with a great faculty that just works for every different type of family or child.

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    Our family absolutely loves North End Montessori School

    Natalie Mitchell,

    I have three children, all of them so different from one another, and all of them have thrived at North End. My eldest is studious and mature for her age --she was always challenged and fully supported in working autonomously to go above and beyond with whatever she was passionately learning about. Her learning experience at N.E.M.S. was made so much more dynamic by the mixed-age classrooms. Feeling like a leader among children in her classroom has had a lasting impact on her as a student. We were so sad when she aged out of N.E.M.S. and had to move on. My son is gifted athletically, but needed extra help with some things in the classroom for a stretch. His teachers at N.E.M.S. didn't balk at his energy and sometimes distracted nature, but instead identified his individual learning needs and worked with me to make a classroom and at-home plan for supporting him. He also greatly benefited from the Montessori methodology and the overall culture in his classrooms at N.E.M.S. Next year, he's on to fourth grade(!) and is completely caught up in reading and math. N.E.M.S. was a really great foundation for him. My third child is an energetic and social student, but also a very curious learner and dedicated to being a part of her classroom team. To have teachers as enthusiastic about being in the classroom as she is is important to her, and she's(we've) never been let down in that regard while at N.E.M.S. Ms. Botto and Ms. Marwaha are tied for best teacher any of my kiddos have ever had. If you have the chance to get your kids in a classroom with either of them, jump on the opportunity! But really, everyone we've ever dealt with here from the classroom to the office is fantastic. Since my eldest aged out and we had to look at other options for schooling, we have become aware of just how spoiled we were by our learning community at N.E.M.S. These people are professionals, the building is an amazing place to learn, and I found the families of other students there to be of high caliber. It has always struck me, while there for classroom parties (Mother's Day Tea, Holiday Parties, Theatrical Productions, etc) that there are a lot of engaged, lovely parents in this learning community. I really think it shows on the playground, in the day-to-day classroom vibe, and in the friendships my children have made with other N.E.M.S. kids. Go for a tour and get on the waiting list. This school is a great place for families looking for a true Montessori experience. My only complaint is that they stop at third grade. I'd give anything to have all three of my kids spend all of their elementary years at this school.

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    We love this school!

    Jennifer Schelly,

    My daughter is four and has been there since she was 1.75 years old. The Montessori style education is very self directed and my daughter loves it. They go outside a ton and have a huge gym if it's not nice out. They have a ton of extra curricular activities like soccer, science and art so you can do that at school and not have to run around crazy on weekends and evenings.