Student/Parent Handbook


A parent-child orientation will be held during August. This orientation is better known as the Ice Cream Social. This meeting allows the parents and child(ren) to meet the staff, ask questions, and become familiar with the classroom. It’s also a great way for children to meet their classmates!

Parents are encourages to attend and will be notified by mail of the exact date and time.

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Play clothes are encouraged – simple, washable, sturdy, and easy to manage. Sneakers or rubber-soled shoes are recommended.

Parents must provide warm outer clothing for children to wear on the playground. Children will go outside if weather and temperatures are conducive. In the winter, we suggest that children wear long-sleeved shirts or sweaters to school; the classroom temperature is usually kept at about 68 degrees.

For Preschool families: When selecting pants/clothes for your child, please select school clothing that can be reasonably fastened and unfastened without help. Overalls are not recommended. We encourage independence when dressing so we suggest that children always attempt the zipper or buttons on a coat. Teachers will assist children when necessary. Please avoid difficult/broken/missing zippers or buttons on coats etc.

Check your child’s extra clothing each month to see if clothes need to be replaced or a larger size needs to be brought to school.

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Please leave all unnecessary items from home at home. Please discuss with your child’s teacher if your child needs a comfort item during transitions or during naptime etc.

We have many wonderful activities and materials for your child here at school and find it distracting and difficult to keep track of items when they are brought to school.

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Individual parent/teacher conferences will be scheduled twice a year; in the Fall and Spring. Parents will be notified of a posted sign-up sheet or they may contact the school to schedule a conference during the available times. The purpose of each conference is to acquaint parents and teachers and promote dialogue for the benefit of the child(ren). Any additional conferences that the parent or teacher deems necessary may be made by appointment at any time throughout the year.

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Please note that while in the classroom, the teacher is obligated to focus attention on the children and prepare materials for lessons. Teachers are generally more available after class time. If you do speak with the teacher, we ask that you please make inquires privately and without the presence of your child.

Please feel free to call, email, or leave a message for your child’s teacher before or after class about any helpful information you may have concerning your child’s health, attitudes, etc. You may request a meeting with the teacher to discuss your child at any time.

Phone #: 603.621.9011
Fax#: 603.621.9866

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Parents provide snacks and lunch for their child(ren); we recommend foods that are nutritious-low in sugar, fat, and salt.

Please include a snack for the morning; and one for the afternoon if your child’s day extends beyond noon.

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Prior to your child(ren)’s first day of class, please bring the following, clearly marked with your child’s name:

  1. Two current pictures of your child
  2. A change of clothes
  3. Slippers

Families with younger children: Should your child cry/hesitate to leave you when taking him/her to the classroom, you may come into the room with him/her if you feel that it will be helpful, but we ask that you leave within 5 minutes. It is our experience that children almost always transition faster if the parent does not linger. Most children are engaged with friends/interesting activities within minutes after a parent has left. If your child continues crying more than 15 minutes after you have left, we will call to inform you.

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GENERAL GUIDELINE: It is imperative that arrival and dismissal times be closely adhered to. The time before class is vital for teacher preparation to ensure a smooth and productive day. We ask that you arrive no earlier than five minutes before the start of class and pick up your children promptly at the conclusion of your selected NEMS program. Promptness is very important and tardiness can be disruptive to your child and others.

For safety reasons, children are not allowed to walk by themselves from the parking lot to the classroom or vice versa upon pick-up. Parents must walk with their child to and from the door of the classroom where a teacher will greet each child.

We ask that parents do not come into the classroom to talk to the teachers before class. After class, the teachers are usually available for questions. All special daily communications should be written down and given to the greeting teacher to avoid being forgotten or misunderstood. You may also call and leave a message.

We encourage parents to allow their child the opportunity to hang up his/her own coat and to walk into the classroom under his/her own power (not carried in). We encourage you to please take your child to the bathroom before class. And please have your child walk (not run) to the door so that s/he is calm upon entering the classroom.

NOTE: In the event, that your child(ren) will be picked up from school from someone other than you or your spouse, we require a written note when your child first arrives at school, or a phone call from you if it is an unforeseen circumstance. The note/call should state the name and description of the person whom you desire to pick up your child. That person should also have proper identification with them upon arrival to pick-up your child.

We will not allow any child to leave the premises with any unknown person whom you have not authorized to pick-up.

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If your child contracts a contagious illness (other than a cold), please inform North End Montessori School so that the other children’s parents may be advised.

Children with fevers of 100° or higher, earaches, vomiting, or diarrhea at school will automatically be sent home. A child who has had any of these symptoms the previous day or night should not be brought to school. When recovering from a fever, vomiting or diarrhea, a child should be kept home for one full day after the symptoms subside.

Please note that we go outside as often as possible so please consider keeping your child home when your child is not feeling well. This type of playtime may only make your child feel worse or prolong their illness.

In the event that your child contracts chicken pox, a common illness amongst school aged children, Doctors advise us that it is safe for a child to return to school only after all the pox have scabbed over.

Only prescription medication may be given to children during the program if accompanied by a doctor’s note, this includes aspirin, antihistamines, vitamins, etc.

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Please call/notify North End Montessori School by 8:00 a.m. to inform us of your child’s absence from school.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate make-up days or refunds for illnesses or absences. Our budget and expenses rely on set tuitions from each student.

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STUDENT WORKS (and tote bags)

Students will be provided with a NEMS tote bag  to facilitate in the “taking home” of completed works, lessons notes and/or other teacher/parent communications on a daily basis. Please use the tote for this purpose and bring the tote home each day and return it empty the next morning.

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The school will be using channel 9- WMUR’s television program and the WMUR website as our primary source for announcements regarding NEMS’ cancellations and delays.

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Children’s birthdays may be celebrated on the actual birth date or the closest school day to it. Every teacher has a special way of acknowledging your child’s special day! Parents may send simple treats that are easy to manage. Please avoid sending beverages, ice cream, candy, and icing.

If you are planning a home party for your child, please do not hand out invitations in school. Likewise, if your child is attending a party after school, please do not send gifts to school with your child. We feel that these situations can be upsetting for those who are not invited and can create hurt feelings and sad children. Instead, please mail invitations and perhaps plan weekend parties.

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Halloween is celebrated at our center in a non-scary way that is age appropriate. The children will have the opportunity to share their costumes at our Halloween party. We will also be focusing on the season of Autumn.

Thanksgiving is a time when the value of thankfulness is brought to the children’s consciousness by helping them become aware of the needs of other people in the world and sharing from their own bountiful lives.

Christmas/Chanukah are times in which stories and experiences are presented that embody the true spirit of giving and sharing. The traditions of Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa are explored.

Easter is celebrated by observing “new life” which is so prevalent in the Spring.

In addition, children may learn about holidays celebrated by other cultures with unique customs. If your family celebrates a special holiday, perhaps you may wish to share your traditions with your child’s fellow students.

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Fire drills are held on a regular basis for the safety of the children.

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The tuition agreement is a financial commitment. The school relies on these commitments in planning and budgeting for the academic year. Sometimes families experience changes that cause them to withdraw a student. The contractual form signed during enrollment states that the school requires 30-days’ notice prior to withdrawal. Tuition is due during this 30-day period, regardless whether the student actually attends classes. The withdrawal form used to provide the 30-day notice is on our website under admissions.

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Our program does not practice any type of seclusion or child restraints. A student that is having a difficult time adhering to the rules or who has lost control (such as a tantrum) will be asked to find a space within the classroom, play yard, gym, etc. to use while regaining self control. After the student is calm, he or she is encouraged to return to the work or activity of the class. If that method is not effective, the student will be brought to the Director’s office to for one-on-one supervision while he or she tries to regain control. If visiting with the Director is ineffective, then the school will call the parents to pick up the student.

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Teacher misconduct at our school is a failure to uphold public trust and maintain high standards of ethics and behavior. ·Examples include, but are not limited to, inadequate performance, physical or verbal abuse, and drug and alcohol abuse. In our employee handbook, the school sets forth the expectations for staff members.

Once misconduct is identified, we apply the following sequence of actions: oral warning, written warning, second written warning, and termination.

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Our school is committed to providing a caring, friendly and secure environment for all students so they can learn in a safe environment. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable at our school. Students are encouraged to report bullying to a teacher or the Director. We also invite parents and staff to report any suspected bullying to the Director. Any incidents of bullying will be dealt with promptly and effectively.

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